London Buses route 282 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Ealing Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital, it is operated by Metroline.


Route 282 commenced operation on 30 October 1968 running between Mount Vernon Hospital and Greenford Red Lion. The route was initially operated by London Transport from their Hanwell (HW) garage using AEC Merlins. The route was introduced as a replacement for the withdrawn section of a then route 232 (itself replacing route 225 between Eastcote Lane and Northwood).

On 27 July 1974, the route was converted to double deck operation using Daimler Fleetlines.

In 1975, the Hospital journeys were increased to Monday to Friday midday and early evenings and all day Saturdays (except evenings) and Sundays afternoons as before.

In 1979, the route was finally extended to run at all times to Mount Vernon Hospital and the route was also extended from Greenford to Southall Bus Garage. The Daimler Fleetlines were replaced by MCW Metrobuses.

On 9 August 1986, the route was further extended from Southall to Hanwell Bus Garage, on the closure of Southall Garage, to where its allocation was also transferred.

On 26 September 1987, the route was diverted to directly serve Ealing Hospital.

On 3 February 1990, the route was withdrawn between Hanwell Garage and Ealing Hospital (except for garage journeys). The route was converted to single deck operation using Wright-bodied Renault S75s and a school day journey was introduced operating from Alperton (ON) garage using MCW Metrobuses at the same time.

In 1993, Hanwell (HL) garage closed and the allocation was transferred to Greenford (G) garage.

In 1998, the route was converted to low floor operation using Marshall Capital bodied Dennis Dart SLFs. The School day journeys were transferred to Greenford (G) garage at the same time.

In 2003, the route was converted to double deck operation using Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents.

On 22 June 2013, the route was included in the sale of First London's Greenford (G) garage to Metroline.

In 2014, the Plaxton President bodied Dennis Tridents were replaced by Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s.

On 7 March 2015, the route was retained by Metroline.

Current Route

  • Ealing Hospital
  • Greenford Broadway
  • Yeading White Hart Roundabout
  • Northolt 
  • Eastcote Station
  • Northwood Hills Station
  • Northwood Station
  • Mount Vernon Hospital

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London Buses Route 282

London Buses Route 282