London Buses route 247 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Romford and Barkingside, it is operated by Stagecoach London.


Route 247 commenced operation on 4 September 1982 between Gidea Park Station and Ilford via Harold Hill - Gooshays Drive - Harold Wood - Gubbins Lane - Gidea Park - Brentwood Road - Romford - Collier Row White Hart - Romford Road - Hainault Forest - New North Road - Hainault Stn - Barkingside - Gants Hill. The route was initally operated by London Transport from their Romford (NS) garage using Leyland Titans. It was previously numbered 247A.

On 13 July 1985, the Sunday service was extended from Collier Row to Barkingside.

On 2 November 1985, the Sunday service was extended from Barkingside to Ilford.

On 21 June 1986, the route was withdrawn north of Gidea Park Station. It was also withdrawn Mon-Sat evenings between Romford Station and Gidea Park Station. Additional daily service introduced between Ilford and Chigwell Row via withdrawn service 150. A Daily Seven Kings (AP) allocation was introduced at the same time.

On 26 March 1988, the Ilford to Chigwell Row section was renumbered 150.

On 7 April 1990, the route was re-routed between Collier Row and Chigwell Row via Collier Row Road and Whalebone Lane North to serve bowling alley complex near Marks Gate - instead of Hoghill Road.

On 14 September 1991, the sunday service was re-routed via Hoghill Road because of traffic congestion (Sunday car boot sale).

On 20 March 1993, the route was converted to midibus operation using Wright Handybus bodied Dennis Darts. The route was withdrawn between Barkingside and Ilford. The Seven Kings (AP) allocation withdrawn.

On 13 November 1993, the Wright Handybus bodied Dennis Darts were replaced by Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Darts.

On 27 March 1999, the route was converted to low floor single decker using brand new Alexander ALX200 bodied Dennis Dart SLFs. 

On 27 March 2004, the route was retained by Stagecoach London and was converted to double deck operation using Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents.

On 26 March 2011, the route was retained by Stagecoach London.

On 24 March 2018, the route was retained by Stagecoach London.

In September 2018, the Alexander ALX400 bodied Dennis Tridents were replaced by Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s.

Current Route

Route 247 operates via these primary locations:

  • Romford Station
  • Collier Row
  • Marks Gate
  • Hainault Statio
  • Barkingside Fullwell Cross
  • Barkingside Tanners Lane

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