London Buses route 227 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Bromley and Crystal Palace, it is operated by Stagecoach London.


Route 227 commenced operation on 3 October 1934 between Penge Crooked Billet and Welling Guy Earl of Warwick via Beckenham - Shortlands - Bromley - Widmore Road - Bickley - Chislehurst - Mottingham - Court Road - Eltham Church - Eltham Park - Rochester Way - Welling Way. It was initially operated from Elmers End (ED) and Bromley (TB) garages using AEC Regal single-deckers and AEC Renowns.

On 17 April 1935, Sidcup (SP) garage gained a Saturday allocation.

On 4 May 1938, the route was withdrawn between Chislehurst and Welling - the Chislehurst to Eltham section was replaced by route 161 and the Eltham to Welling section was replaced by route 160. Elmers End (ED) garage gained the whole allocation and the route was converted to full AEC Renown operation.

On 2 May 1951, the allocation was transferred from Elmers End (ED) to Bromley (TB) garages.

On 27 June 1951, the route was extended from Penge to Crystal Palace.

On 22 October 1952, the AEC Renowns were replaced by AEC Regal IV's.

On 2 January 1971, the route was converted to one person operation using Marshall bodied AEC Swifts.

On 15 July 1972, the Saturday service was extended from Chislehurst to Eltham via Route 161.

On 18 July 1974, the route was withdrawn between Chislehurst and Eltham.

On 21 August 1977, the Marshall bodied AEC Swifts were replaced by Leyland Nationals.

On 19 January 1991, the Sunday service was converted to midibus operation using MCW Metroriders and Carlyle Dartline bodied Dennis Darts.

On 27 April 1991, the route was withdrawn between Bromley and Chislehurst and this section covered by revised route 161.

On 29 February 1992, the route passed to Kentish Bus operating from their Duncton Green (DG) garage using Leyland Nationals and Leyland Lynxes.

On 8 November 1997, the route passed to Stagecoach Selkent operating from their Bromley (TB) garage using Plaxton bodied Dennis Lances.

On 24 June 2000, the route was retained by Stagecoach Selkent using Plaxton Super Pointer 2 bodied Dennis Dart SLFs.

On 25 June 2005, the route was retained by Stagecoach Selkent.

On 23 June 2012, the route was retained by Stagecoach London using brand new Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro's.

The route will pass to London General and will be operating from their Orpington (MB) Garage using brand new Wrightbus StreetLites on 22 June 2019.

Current Route

Route 227 operates via these primary locations:

  • Bromley North Station
  • Shortlands Station
  • Beckenham High Street
  • Clock House Station
  • Penge West Station
  • Crystal Palace Parade

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