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London Buses route W5 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Archway and Harringay, it is operated by HCT Group.


Route W5 commenced operating on 1 February 1992 between Harringay Sainsbury's and Archway Station Junction Road via Endymion Road - Oakfield Road (for Harringay Station) - Denton Road - Ridge Road - Uplands Road - Weston Park - Bourne Road - Haringey Park - Crouch Hill - Crouch End Broadway - Park Road - Wolseley Road - Shepherd's Hill - Stanhope Road - Hornsey Lane - Highgate Hill. The route was initially operated by London Northern from their Holloway (HT) garage using Optare MetroRiders.

On 26 October 1994, the route was included in the sale of London Northern to MTL London.

On 17 August 1998, the route was included in the sale of MTL London to Metroline.

On 3 February 2001, the route was retained by Metroline.

On 12 May 2001, the route was converted to low floor operation using Plaxton Pointer 2 bodied Dennis Dart SLFs.

On 26 July 2003, the allocation was transferred to King's Cross (KX) garage.

On 2 April 2005, the allocation was transferred back to Holloway (HT) garage.

On 4 February 2006, the route was retained by Metroline.

On 5 February 2011, the route passed to CT Plus operating from their Ash Grove (HK) garage with brand new Optare Solos introduced.

On 6 February 2016, the route was retained by CT Plus using Optare Solos and a brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart.

Current Route

  • Harringay Sainsbury's
  • Harringay Station
  • Crouch End
  • Archway Station Archway Road

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